Introduction - Ha'Sifriya (Library) Theatre

The opening of the HASIFRIYA (Library) THEATRE in 1984, with support from the Arts and Culture division of the Municipality of Ramat-Gan, saw the establishment of a professional theatre with the express goal of providing Beit Zvi graduates with opportunities for further development and exposure.


Today the theatre get support of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ramat Gan Municipality, in order to provide a professional stage for actors who have just graduated their studies.

In the past the activity of the facility was under Beit-Zvi's responsibility. Since 2002 the theatre is under budget that separated from the school like all theatres in Israel.

Still the main purpose of the theatre is to provide a platform where actors and artists, mostly ones who have graduated from Beit zvi, could create new productions and expand the Israeli theatre and performing arts.

HASIFRIYA THEATRE had numerous critiqued productions in the media and written press applauded on its boldness and on actors' performance. To this day more than 200 productions took place on HASIFRIYA THEATRE.

Besides being a jumping point to new actors it is also a place for established artists to express themselves looking for new ways or unconventional ones, letting the actors to coup with different roles.

On 2014 the theatre celebrated 30 years of activity.


Lior Ashkenazi, Natan Ravitz

("P.S. Your Cat Is Dead" 1994)

Rita ("My Fair Lady" 1986)




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